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Primary School Entrance Illustration Triptych

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

I am currently involved with a local primary school project creating designs for their entrance foyer and corridor. The one above is a centre piece to a triptych, now inked, it just needs to be painted full colour. Further detailed images are below. Ill be adding more soon...

...School values...Looks pretty basic at the moment, but once the ink is dealt, spaces appear for further attention in the composition that may not have revealed itself before...

Ripples in the rivers. Here, I wanted both rivers to transform from realistic features driven to a stylized 3D feel, that almost seems to be like a technical drawing.

The school itself, on a stylized land mass - I looked at Macintosh in regards to splitting the image with line.

On the sides of the central A1 square image, are the other two trailing landscapes in portrait format; similar to the rivers in shape, but bulky rock features lead a path, a worn path, up through the land to the church and the oak.

The final illustration 'left' side...

The final centerpiece illustration...

The 'right' side illustration. From the left behind the church, a sun rises with its beams cutting across the sky. Below on their paths, journeys begin with the words - Wherever the river flows, life will flourish.

Currently there are additional pieces, to be eventually expanded and placed on the interior walls. Watch this 'space'...

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